What should I do before selling a Junk Car?

Perhaps you have a car considered a Junk Car and you would like to sell it but you don’t know where or how to do so. In this blog we tell you the steps that you should follow before turning over your junk car:

  1. In the first place you should take an inventory of the vehicle. You should ask yourself how useless each part is and if others can be salvaged. Write down everything that you observe which is in good condition and could be resold to some auto parts buyer. This is so that you don’t lose money that you could save before you get rid of the car.
  2. Compare prices of your car on the market and calculate the value of necessary repairs in the event that you were to want to sell it in good condition. This is just to calculate the approximate value at which you can sell your junk car.
  3. Have your title in hand. It’s important that you don’t sell your car without transferring the title of the car, since this is what confirms that it is no longer your property and everything that happens to it thereafter is no longer your responsibility.
  4. Always remove all personal objects that you have inside of the car. It’s normal for us to accumulate worthless objects inside of our car, but we also keep things that we use daily, or which have sentimental value. Don’t sell your car before checking it.
  5. You should remove your plates and return them to the MVA (Motors and Vehicles). Once you do this, you should go to or call your insurance agency and cancel your auto insurance for this vehicle.

Note: You should carry out the process in this order, since the DMV or MVA can sanction you if you cancel your insurance before returning the license plates as they will take for granted that you drove the car without insurance.

If you have, or know someone who has a vehicle considered a Junk Car in Maryland, Virginia or Washington D.C. you can call one of the many companies like We Buy Junk Cars – Richard’s Towing that will pick up these types of vehicles for free and will even pay you cash for a useless car.

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