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Registration Renewal & Substitute Stickers

You don’t have to wait in long lines to renew your registration or obtain stickers.

Duplicate Title

If your title is lost or damaged, we can help you obtain a duplicate.

MVA Tag Return

Don’t forget to return your tags to the MVA, if you don’t have time, we can help you.

Maryland Driving Record

Obtain a non-certified or certified copy of your driving record fast.

Temporary or Permanent License Plates

We help you process your temporary or permanent license plates quickly and efficiently.

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Temporary and Permanent License Plates

We can help you to obtain a Temporary Tag, so you can take your vehicle to pass the MD Safety inspection. Please note that 30-day tags cannot be extended.  If you purchased a vehicle that needs repairs, we recommend that you ask one of our agents to process a title-only transaction instead. We can also process your 1 year or 2-year registration. 

Registration Renewal & Substitute Stickers:

Approximately 60 days before your vehicle’s registration period expires, you should receive a vehicle registration renewal notice by mail. To avoid infractions, you should renew your tags as soon as possible. You can obtain 1-year or 2-year stickers and registration under your name.

Duplicate Title

If you have lost, destroyed, soiled, or ruined your car’s title, we can help you get a copy (duplicate) of it. This process typically takes one business day to complete. In some cases, the MVA will send the copy of the title to your home address, which can take 7-10 business days.

MVA Tag Return

If you move out of Maryland, cancel your insurance, or no longer need the licensed plates, Maryland law requires you must return them to the MVA. You can return them with us! You may be eligible for a partial refund of your registration fee. Visit us to learn more!

Maryland Driving Record

The main difference between a non-certified record and a certified record is that the non-certified record only contains public information such as Driving status, driving offenses for the past three years, vehicular accident information, five-digit zip code, vehicle identification number 9 (VIN), vehicle title number, insurance company name, insurance policy number and odometer reading. Another difference is the transaction fee.

A certified record costs a little bit more than a non-certified record. Keep in mind that some government agencies will not accept a non-certified record. We can help you with both types of records.

Explanation of

General Requirements

Each transaction requires something different. Learn more about the various requirements so we can better help you when you visit our office!


Original vehicle’s title or MD Temporary registration

The original title for the car must be signed by the parties involved in the transaction, and all the information must be filled out. The MVA will not take any title with scratches or mistakes. If you have a Maryland temporary registration, we can use that instead.


Valid Identification

Valid state ID or valid state driver’s license.


Proof of insurance

You must have valid auto insurance coverage to get your tags and registration on the same day. If you need to purchase auto insurance, we can also help you obtain it!


Application Form

If you purchased a vehicle with a Maryland title, you could use it as an application form. Please complete the application section on the back of your Maryland title. BE CAREFUL! Any mistakes or scratch marks on the title will damage it. 

For vehicles titled in another state, please fill out VR-005. If you still have questions or need help filling out the application forms, please come to one of our locations.


Safety Inspection Certificate

The Maryland safety inspection certifies that your vehicle meets Maryland’s safety standards. The Maryland safety inspection certificate is valid for up to 90 days from the date issued.

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