How to get a car title if the owner is dead in Maryland

How to get a car title if the owner is dead in Maryland?

If you are planning to obtain a vehicle’s title or register a car from a deceased person in Maryland, the requirements to retitle the vehicle depends on the relationship with the deceased.

How to get a vehicle’s title if you are the husband or wife of the deceased person, or if you are the co-owner?

If you are the surviving spouse, children or a co-owner of a vehicle that was titled in Maryland; the process is simple, you just need the following documents.

1) Existing vehicle title:
The vehicle’s title must be properly filled out and signed on the back, under the section labeled as “assignment of ownership” and “application for title and registration.” If the transfer is between spouses or children, the spouse or children can keep the current tags of the vehicle. However, in all other cases, the co-owner of the vehicle needs to obtain new tags and registration.

2) You need to have a certified copy of the death certificate or the letter VR-278 or VR-264P sent by the MVA.
Additional information:
-If there is an existing loan, you need to complete all required lien information on the back of the title.
-If you want to keep the vehicle, you must apply for a new title before the existing registration tags expire.
-If you are retaining the ownership of the vehicle, a Maryland vehicle safety inspection is not needed.
-Any certified tag and title service can help with this process.
Note: Under certain circumstances, the MVA will require additional information or forms.

how can I register or title a vehicle in Maryland from a deceased person

How can I register or title a vehicle in Maryland, if I am not the spouse, children or co-owner of a dead person?

If you inherited a vehicle from a deceased person and you are not the spouse, children or co-owner you will need to do the following:
You have to contact the Register of Wills in the jurisdiction in which the deceased was a resident to confirm that you have all the necessary documents to obtain the legal heir certification or letters of administration.

important information that you need to know when a deceased person dies

What is a legal heir?

The legal heir is usually a descendant of the deceased who inherits property or wealth owned by the deceased.

Who is a legatee?

This is the person named within the will of a deceased and it is not necessary to be a relative.

Who is a distributee?

This is the person entitled to share in the distribution of the estate of the deceased.

What can I do if a deceased person did not leave a WILL

What can I do if the deceased did not leave a WILL?

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