getting car title in maryland

Getting car title in Maryland


Getting your Car title in Maryland

Any person can easily get confused in the process of obtaining a Maryland tag or a Maryland title because of all the paperwork that is requested by the MVA. However, you don’t need to go through all that hassle when obtaining your car title because we are in a position to help you throughout the process. In fact, all the people who are engaged in the process of registering a car in Maryland should keep these facts in mind.


how to obtain the car title in maryland

How to obtain the car title if you live in Maryland and buy the vehicle from a private seller?

If you purchase the vehicle from a private seller in Maryland, the seller is required to give you the original MVA title. In Maryland, this would be a blue and pink colored document as is shown in the picture.

original mva title


The seller must sign and print his complete name in the space provided in the back of the MVA title to make the transaction valid. Otherwise, you will not be able to get your own Maryland title. It is important to keep in mind that you also need to fill out the rest of the form in the back of the title before you apply to obtain your Maryland tags and Maryland car title.

Once you apply for the MVA title at the Motor vehicle Administration or in a certified tag & title service, you will be able to receive your Maryland tags and registration right away. However, the Motor vehicle administration will send you the MVA title to your home address within 15 days. Until that, you can use the MD tags that you have.


how to obtain tags and title in Maryland

How to obtain Tags and title if you purchase a vehicle from a dealer in Maryland?

If you buy a vehicle from a recognized dealer in Maryland, they should take care of all the paperwork and help you obtain your registration and tags. In other words, they should offer the tag and title service to you along with the vehicle. Once the process is completed, the MVA will send you your car title, which is addressed under your name within 15 days. Until that, you will have to rely on temporary tags.

How to obtain the Maryland tags and title if you buy a vehicle from a small dealer in Maryland?

Small car dealerships typically sell used cars at a lower price, but fairly often they give you the wrong documents and papers, which can make the whole process of registering your vehicle a nightmare. This would be a similar situation that you have to go through when you deal with a lost car title Maryland.


You should be aware that the dealership always has to give you the car title and a bill of sale, even if you are buying a used vehicle.


If you think you need any assistance with the process of registering a car or transferring a car title in MD, you can seek our assistance. Alfonso title and its tag and title partners are committed to helping you with all the process of register car in Maryland. We provide a broad range of tag and title services in all our locations like temporary tags, duplicate title, renewal of stickers and more.


Tag and title locations in Maryland

Tag and title locations in Maryland.

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